Drafts: Quick Capture App Reviews

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Drafts is great for quick notes

A very powerful little app for taking notes. I often want to take quick notes but Im not sure where I want to store them at the time. This is a great app for taking those notes and dealing with them later. It is also great for dealing with recurring items that one want to keep track of. I use it for tracking spam phone calls, to do items and other quick notes and reminders.

Easy to Use

I use it for all of my draft documents and notes. I write a letter, email or document in Drafts first and then past into more complicated apps like Pages. Opens much quicker than pages. I can cut and paste into other apps easily. It is perfect for use in the right screen position on my iPad. If I see something in a document or web page I open drafts on the right screen and paste on the text. Fairly easy to find past notes with the file list.

Always crashes

Used to use this all the time. Crashes every time I open it now.

Excellent app

One of my favorite features is the ability to reorder the text. No other text editor has this capability, aside from cut and paste, which is a little clumsy on an iPhone. This app stays on my home screen.

The smartest

App Ever Great Stuff


My all-around favorite editor! I love that you can extend its functionality. Its a solid app and I highly recommend it!

In my dock

All writing starts here, and its so useful that I have the app on my dock.

Extremely Useful and Well Designed!

For jotting down things quickly, and doing other things with them later, this is a very useful and handy app. It interacts with other applications in complex ways, letting you do many things without going through the process of copying and pasting text. It provides actions to do lots of things to either modify your text, prepare it for other apps, or send it without even activating the other app. It is also very VoiceOver accessible. Nice work, folks. Thanks very much.

Absolutely awesome!

This has consistently been my most used app for years.

Game changer

Makes using iOS extremely efficient. I recommend reviewing the macsparky you tube videos on how to use

One of my most-used apps

Very simple and very good at what it does - ready to record the stray thought before it is lost forever.

Trust the Glowing Reviews

REALLY hesitated about shelling out $10 earlier today. Its already my most used app, and Ive barely scratched the surface of possibilities. The Apple Watch Complication is my favorite feature so far.


I simply could not do without Drafts. Its the best text capture tool ever invented.

Using the New Textexpander with Drafts 4

The new subscription Textexpander is one huge clusterf*ck with Drafts. I went ahead and paid for it because Ive been Textexpander for many years and I got the discount for long-time users. Then I tried to use Textexpander 4 with my favorite text entry app, Drafts for by Agile Tortoise. Guess what! It doesnt work. I had to download the old Textexpander, known as Textexpander Touch, in order to use it with Drafts. (It works.) I entered a new snippet in that spanking new TextExpander 4 and it did not show up in my Drafts app. It doesnt show up with a TextExpander keyboard either. That means if I create a new snippet I have to enter it twice, one time each into two different apps. This is crazy! Smile software (Textexpander developers) you have made great software for many years, but you are over your head with this one. I assume youll get this all fixed in due course, or you will go out of business. In the meantime it would be nice if you refund my 20 bucks and tell you get your system is working. (other than what I have just written, Drafts 4 is a great app.)


Drafts is one of my most essential apps, worth every penny. The price seems steep at first, but after you use this app for awhile, it becomes clear just how much work the developer has put into it. Drafts allows me to easily capture text (including with a super well developed share sheet functionality so you can capture notes from Safari and elsewhere) and send it seriously anywhere, including appending or prepending to Dropbox files, etc. Dont hesitate — buy this app and you wont regret it! It is well worth the price!

Just keeps getting better

New features are constantly added. Bugs get squished. Awesome support from the developer.

Constantly useful

A key part of my idea flow

Powerful tool

This is the easiest and most powerful tool Ive ever used on my iOS devices especially my  watch! Wow

Phenomenal app

Simply great! Love being able to quickly jot down thoughts, to-dos, and ideas, and then export them easily!

The place where text starts

This app is unlike anything else. You put text in—quickly, with no fuss—and then you decide what to do with it. Send it to your calendar, text it, make a reminder, post to Facebook, etc. And all of those actions can be customized, saving time and lots of tedious tapping on your phone. It is s powerful app and has a learning curve. Dont miss the series of great videos that explain how to get the most out of the app. Its the fastest way to grasp the power of Drafts.

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